The Expression of Food

Watching a baby taste solid or baby food for the first time is inspiring and of course entertaining.  You get to see the expressive young faces made by apricots, bananas and no ones favorite peas.  I remember my mother telling me never to let a baby taste “real food” until the pediatrician allows.  I often wondered why this was so important until I experienced first hand. (once you taste good, there is no going back to just ok)

 Have you ever wondered where the love for good food stems from? And of course the next question, why are you willing to spend so much time, money and effort to prepare it or to buy it?  The simple answer is…memories and feelings.

I strongly believed food’s most important intention, besides survival purpose off course, is to fulfill a human necessity to live and feel again a precious moment lost in time.  What I mean is, people are always looking to bring back good memories; they want to find something that can revive, those great experiences that made them feel good about themselves and their environment or a special occasion.

This is what food is all about; helping you remember your grandma’s love when she used to make that special chicken soup (that not even the most talented chef would ever recreate) when you were sick.  Or the awesome pasta you were having with the love of your life on your first date.  What about the smell of just baked bread from the old bakery down the street of your childhood’s neighborhood? All these memories are priceless, and can be personal or collective as well.

 Food has the virtue to bring back to life those memorable moments with a single bite or aroma.  An establishment that can understand and identify this necessity, but most important, if they are willing to satisfy it; they surely are on their way to true success.  They understand and represent the expression of food.

So the next time you witness a first taste of apricots, bananas and peas remember memories are being made.