FOOD. Necessity or Pleasure


Eating is an everyday occurrence we must do for the sake of our health; however the act of eating can also be fulfilling for a food lover.  At a table exist two types of diners, the ones who eat for survival purposes and the others who just simply love food.

Necessity eaters are those when it’s time to eat they usually already have an idea of what they want to eat and the choice is easily made.  When they see the restaurant’s menu instead of reading and visualizing the chef’s creations, ask the waiter for his/her recommendation.  They strongly believe that the best restaurants where they can find the finest seafood are the likes of Red Lobster and the best T-bone steak is from an Applebee’s.  They can easily eat a plate of Pasta Primavera with a glass of Dr. Pepper.  Necessity eaters are those who cannot identify the difference between Cilantro and Italian Parsley.  Their palettes are not fully developed and cannot stand the smell of saffron.  Paella Valenciana is often confused for shrimp Jambalaya.  These types of people are what are called “Survival Diners”.

Survival Diners are making the TV Dinners industry; fast food restaurants and vending machines companies grow really fast.  Years ago having a microwave was a luxury today having a range stove is a waste of space.  Children are being raised based on PBJ’s, Happy Meals and Mac & Cheese from a box.  This can be attributed to two things, the inability to cook and people becoming complacent.  Great family recipes are banished forever because there is no appreciation for good food.  They have the freezer full of frozen precooked food and veggies.  Survival Diners are one group of people at today’s table.

On the other side of the table are the eaters that can smell Tarragon from miles away.  When a steak is served well done they feel offended.  Many times they are in great predicaments between Asparagus Risotto and Potato Gnocchi.  They enjoy the marriage of a Manchego cheese with an aged prosciutto more than anything else.  A smile of victory is achieved when a Pinot Grigio and a beef Carpaccio meet in the mouth of a pleasure eater.  Taste and smell are their favorite senses.  Every day is an unquenchable quest for the new flavor extravaganza.  This group on the other side of the table is grouped as Food Lovers or ‘foodies’.

Foodies live in a different world.  They are bohemians, poets, loan rangers, lawless individuals; they are outside of the ordinary.  Cooking is the biggest art in the world, eating is the highest pleasure of all.  Ratatouille is one of their favorite movies.  Chocolate is poetry of love.  Truffle Oil French fries are an extravagant necessity.  This is the fantasy world where foodies dwell.

At the table there are always two types of eaters; the Survival Diners and the Foodies.  Systematic Eaters versus Food Lovers.